Beauty Banter: How Can I Fight Static And Limp Winter Hair?

Rachel Adler

Dear Beauty Banter,

The dry weather makes my fine hair limp and static-y. What can I do to revive it without making my hair greasy or heavy?

Nicole from Ohio

Dear Nicole,
This seems to be a common problem during these colder months. My suggestion is to get your hands on a great “dry shampoo” that you can spray into your dry hair at the root and even throughout the ends. This will instantly reduce any static as well as create some body and texture without leaving your hair heavy or greasy. My favorite is Dry Shampoo by REF available at Marie Robinson Salon NYC. You can also pick up Psssssst! Dry Shampoo at any beauty supply store to help remedy the static! Good luck, Nicole!

Jessie James

Stylist at Marie Robinson Salon