The Bare Truth: Hair Loss Options For The Men In Your Life


Ah, balding…the one insecurity men seem to have compared to the thousands women hoard along with them every day. While women spend their time worrying about those few extra pounds or their uneven skin tone, this is that one weakness, the soft spot that we can hold over a guy’s head no pun intended. And yes, sometimes women have hair loss issues too, but they don’t seem to react to it the same way as males — or may I say, overreact.

Coming from a family where male balding (or receding hairlines) seems to be the usual, I’ve never really understood what the big deal was and why this certain problem was such a blow to a man’s ego. After all, I find comb overs to be adorable. Okay, all joking aside, I understand that for those that aren’t like me, balding is that one thing that is constantly on their mind and something that they want to permanently rid themselves of.

So if you fit into this particular category I’m speaking about or know somebody who spends their days staring in the mirror and counting their hairs, you’re in luck. We’ve listed some options for you to deter hair loss. Just remember though … Prince William is balding too. And who wouldn’t want to be him?

First of all, pills that contain Finastride lower DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels. Essentially, DHT prevents hair follicles from receiving the nourishment they need to continue grow. So, by reducing the levels of DHT, you will reduce the amount of hair loss. Sometimes, this also results in some hair growth. Finastride is FDA approved but may also have some sexual side effects meaning you’ll possibly just be replacing one insecurity with another. Typical.


Additionally, the ever-popular Rogaine can be used to stimulate hair growth by just applying the solution to your head two times a day. However, if it isn’t used regularly the results may fade. This option is best for those in the early stages of hair loss. (Rogaine Topical Solution, 1 month supply, $29.95,


One of the more sensible options is probably the use of shampoos. This is certainly one of the more cost effective and easier to obtain options that are offered. In past years, many companies have created products to help with hair loss. Recently, Redken came out with their Intra-Force line, which is made specifically for those with thinning hair. In general, it works by reducing DHT, ridding the scalp of excess sebum to make it healthier, and making hair denser. (Redken Intra Force System 1,

Next up, if you’re truly serious about fixing your balding problem, a hair transplant, which consists of grafting hair from areas with thicker growth, might be your solution. Luckily, the procedure has improved greatly over the years, but so has the price. Hair transplants costs thousands and often times take more than one procedure, meaning more than one pricey bill.

Our next option for you is very classy and very temporary: a nice little hairpiece. Okay, so maybe a toupee isn’t a really practical option but it can always help if you need something last minute. Let’s hope desperation does not lead you here though.

One of the last options, and probably the best one, is to just embrace it. We know that for some of you this may be the hardest option. But look on the bright side…it’s definitely the cheapest! Stop stressing about it or you’ll just lose more hair. Instead, just let it go au natural style and start balding gracefully.