All Aboard for Quick & Easy Styling Tips by Rusk & Scünci

Julia DiNardo
All Aboard for Quick & Easy Styling Tips by Rusk & Scünci
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With the invite to attend a hair trends event with Rusk and Scnci products and styling tips on a yacht in hand, I boarded the ship in the East River ready to set sail for a hair-y adventure! During the evening, three styles were demonstrated that place these styled looks from the runway right into your hands. Regardless of what styles you are trying, there were a few key takeaways from the night that we had to share:

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Use a Mason Pearson brush to backcomb. A mixed boar bristle/nylon version is recommended, and we almost always find one of these brushes in a stylist’s kit. Besides building volume, the flat Mason Pearson brushes are great for everyday use to get a really thorough brush and stimulate the scalp.

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Coat your hair with product prior to applying heat. The Rusk W8less straightening iron was used in several styles but the key is to apply product, such as the W8less Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray from The Rusk Designer Collection to provide a barrier between your hair and the hot tools, but also to help lock in the style.

Don’t be afraid to use lots and lots of product. It will help to keep that style going strong, even into the next day! Hair spray is always an easy one to let loose with, but knowing that even the fullest of hair needs help with texture should let you feel confident to use thickening spray and mousse at will. Strategically use anti-frizz/anti-curl lotion and styling gels to tame or set in place some uncooperative strands.

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-Use inconspicuous hair products. You definitely want the style to hold all through the night, but not for the world to see that you used twenty bobby pins and three hairbands. Scnci ( pronounced “scoon-cee”) has bobby pins, hair bands, and even ultra-thin headbands from the No-Slip Grip Beautiful Blends collection that match your hair color. Choose from shades like blonde or brunette to conceal your secret to achieving the perfect up-do.

Be wary of over-washing or over-conditioning your hair. Proper hair maintenance and treatment to prevent damage can be as simple as re-evaluating your daily routine. For fine hair, you should be washing it every day and conditioning every few days, while with coarser, thicker hair, condition every day but wash less frequently. Some women, depending on the hair type, can go up to even a week without washing! Be sure to use shampoos for color treated hair if this applies to you to curtail brassiness and extend the longevity of the color.