The Smart Way Cardi B’s Makeup Artist Turns Lip Glosses into Matte Lipsticks

Cardi B
Photo: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images For Entertainment/Getty Images.

Everyone knows that 25-year-old rapper Cardi B is no stranger to big, bold makeup looks. She rocks them on the red carpet, in music videos, and onstage. And her makeup artist, Erika La’ Pearl, has been by her side since the days of “Love and Hip Hop: New York.”

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Recently, La’ Pearl sat down with Allure to break down some of Cardi B’s most iconic makeup moments. In doing so, she revealed a few unexpected tips and tricks for taking your beat to the next level. The results were mind-blowing.

The first trick is something we never would’ve thought of. One day, Cardi was looking for an extra-matte lip, but La’ Pearl only had glosses. Instead of panic-driving to the nearest beauty counter, La’ Pearl had a simple solution: setting powder. Apparently, if you apply setting powder to a glossy lip, the matte effect can last all day long. Who would’ve known? “I like to take some setting powder and blot it and then it’ll matte it out, and it’ll last the whole day,” La’ Pearl said.

Her second trick is great for an everyday look. If you’re prone to making dramatic facial expressions (à la Cardi B), you might find that your eyeshadow looks kind of funny when you raise your eyebrows. According to La’ Pearl, there’s an easy fix for that too: Simply apply your eyeshadow under the brow bone in your cut crease. That way, when your eyebrows shoot up, the shadow hits the right spot. “When she lifts her brows, it falls into place,” La’ pearl said.

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Thank goodness for La’ Pearl. We never would’ve thought these products were so versatile, and now we can use them to boost our face game forevermore. Maybe someday we’ll have the confidence to rock Cardi’s cotton candy hair or a neon boy cut—but until then, we’ll just keep mattifying our glosses.