Cardi B Matched Her New Nails to Her Designer Bag

Elizabeth Denton
Cardi B Matched Her New Nails to Her Designer Bag
Photo: Shutterstock.

She’s no stranger to bold talons, but Cardi B’s Louis Vuitton nails just might be our favorites yet. The rapper has not slowed down her nail game during quarantine, as she seemingly has nail artists on call at all times. From shorter pink nails, to bright green talons to a rich blue set, she has continued to switch it up. And it looks like she’s often inspired by something unexpected: her handbags.

Late in May, Cardi posted a set of pointy blue nails to Instagram that perfectly matched her Hermès Birkin Bag that retails for thousands of dollars—maybe even tens of thousands. Cardi loves her designer bags so much, it makes sense she would take inspo from these treasures for her eye-catching nails. Los-Angeles based nail artist Chaun P. was responsible for Cardi’s blue nails and also this new Louis Vuitton-inspired set.

Just yesterday, Cardi shared an image of her red-and-purple Louis Vuitton Neverfull Escale MM Rouge from the summer 2020 collection.  The more-than-$2,000 bag is currently sold out, which isn’t surprising considering the tie-dye trend is blowing up. Her nail color looks exactly like the bag. It’s really remarkable.

Cardi’s Instagram account is a joy because she perfectly and honestly shows all sides of her personality. One second she’s sharing her massive back tattoo and Fashionnova ‘fit, and the next second she’s encouraging fans to vote and to support the efforts in getting the officers arrested in George Floyd’s death. It’s refreshing because often women are told to “stay in one lane” whether that’s fashion and beauty or politics. But we’re multi-dimensional people perfectly capable of caring about more than one thing. Like new nails and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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