Cardi B’s Next-Level Beauty Routine Includes $200 Swarovski Manicures

Christina Petruzzi
Cardi B’s Next-Level Beauty Routine Includes $200 Swarovski Manicures
Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage.

Cardi B wasn’t lying when she rapped, “I like dollars, I like diamonds, I like stuntin’, I like shinin’.” In a recent Instagram video, the 26-year-old broke down exactly how much her beauty routine costs, appropriately captioning it, “We getting more expensive boo boo.”

“It’s getting more and more expensive to maintain us women,” said the ‘I Like It’ rapper, who recently split from her husband Offset. Starting with her nails, famously painted and bejeweled by Jenny Bui, Cardi–in her uniquely charming way–revealed the triple digit value of her stiletto digits.

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“Like b—s is not getting the $17 full set with three free nail design motherf—ker, b—s want the gel set and some hos like me want Swarovski crystals. So that there is about $200, feet and nails.”

Pricey manicures and pedicures aside, that’s not even the most expensive beauty service on her checklist. There’s also the cost of maintaining a hefty collection of wigs that are not only varied in color, cut and style, but protect her natural tresses as well.

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“We not in the era where b—s do the blowouts or the sew-ins and s—t. No, a b—h want a whole full lace wig. The wig is about $800, $500, it really depends where you get it from. The styling is about $300, $200 to $300, so just on that it’s $1,000. So what’s good?”

That’s $1,300 alone for hair and nails; are you keeping up? To be fair, Cardi has never been shy about declaring money her guilty pleasure, so we’re only just a little surprised by this reveal. From eating crab legs on a private jet to riding in a custom Lamborghini truck, the chart-topping singer definitely knows how to enjoy her lavish lifestyle.