Uhh, Cara Delevingne Got a Giant Tattoo on Her Scalp

Uhh, Cara Delevingne Got a Giant Tattoo on Her Scalp
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There are many things you can easily do when you’re a supermodel. See: wear clear, plastic clothes and call it fashion, have a personal squad of celebrity BFFs, and do whatever the hell you want with your head, including shaving all your hair off and slapping a tattoo on the back of your skull, a la Cara Delevingne.

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OK, to be fair, normal human beings can do most of these things at any time. But it definitely helps to be an ultra-famous model because there’s a level of #nofear when it comes to hair transformations, as we’ve seen with Delevingne, who legit shaved her head last week, then showed up last night to the MTV Music Awards with a giant, geometric tattoo on the back of her scalp. And yes, she looked cool as hell.

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Credit: Instagram | @mararoszak

Despite how realistic it looks, the tattoo is actually temporary. It was created by makeup artist wizard Mara Roszak, who painted on the design with metallic silver ink. “The beautiful #CaraDelevingne with a little head design drawn by me,” wrote Roszak on her Instagram photo of Delevingne’s design. And surprisingly, the design looks insanely realistic thanks to the slight gray hue.

If you want to try this at home, uh, go shave your head, pick up stencils, and go to town. OK fine, we wouldn’t recommend trying this on your own, but as long as you use temporary pigments, who cares? You can wash it out. As for buzzing your head…maybe think about it for a few days, first. Once you cut it, you’ve got a good year of waiting to grow it out again.

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