Cara Delevingne Cut and Dyed Her Hair, and We Literally Don’t Recognize Her

Cara Delevingne Cut and Dyed Her Hair, and We Literally Don’t Recognize Her
Photo: Getty Images

Despite the fact that we would love to talk about Cara Delevingne every single day of our lives, the 24-year-old model never seems to make enough huge beauty moves (a.k.a. she’s one of the only celebrities who doesn’t chop off her hair or dye it a rainbow every third week) to get on our radar. Until, of course, last night, when Delevingne both chopped off her hair and dyed it platinum-white blonde, and swiftly cracked open the internet.

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Nina Kairouz, a West Hollywood-based colorist at Mare salon and possible hair wizard, Instagrammed a picture of Delevingne in bed, with a rumpled, ice-blonde bob. And we’re not exaggerating when we say we truly, truly didn’t recognize Delevingne in this photo. In fact, if her iconic brows were covered, we’re positive we wouldn’t have known it was her.

But that doesn’t mean we’re not in love with the transformation. The haircut, which was the work of Mara Roszak (whose client list involves literally every single celebrity you’ve ever heard of, including Emma Stone and Brie Larson), is about a foot shorter than Delevingne’s previous waves, and is officially the only thing we’ve ever wanted for our own heads.

Of course, we will say that a style like this requires insane upkeep (you’ll see start to see root grow-out within a week and a half), but if you either don’t care, or have all of the time and money in the world, or if you are Cara Delevingne, then we say go for it. And please promptly take pictures and send to us, so we can ooo and aaah.

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