Cannes Beauty Report – A Short Cut, Three Ways


Carey Mulligan at the Cannes Film Festival. Photos: |

Its a common lament among women pondering a dramatically short cut: if I chop it all off, I will have exactly one option for how to style my hair. Enter Carey Mulligan with some handy hairstyle tips.

In the span of a few days at Cannes she is there promoting the forthcoming, hotly anticipated, Wall Street 2 alongside her co-star and boyfriend Shia LaBeouf she wore her close crop three very different ways. First, Mulligan kept her slightly overgrown pixie au naturel for a photo call (above left); she fashioned it into a playful Betty Boop-esque finger wave for the Wall Street 2 premiere (center); and finally she channeled a Basic Instinct-era Sharon Stone with a sleek, slicked-back do at a screening (above right). Haircut versatility: achieved.

Fiorella Valdesolo is a freelance writer and editor. She has worked on staff at Nylon and Teen Vogue, and has written about beauty, fashion, entertainment, travel and lifestyle for Flare, New York, New York Weddings, V, Marie Claire, and Glamour. She is also the author of Pretty: The NYLON Book of Beauty (Rizzoli).She currently resides in Brooklyn.

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