Can Your Beauty Products Harm You?


As helpful as beauty products can be for our appearance, they can be just as harmful to our health. Not everything that makes us feel and look great on the outside will benefit us in the long-run. Yes, even those products that promise a healthier you can be contradictory.

A research was done by British scientists that led them to find lumps near or around the armpits’ of women who had undergone mastectomies. The lumps contained parabens, but they could not link the cause to just the use of deodorant because some of the women did not use deodorant at all. They were led to believe that the parabens came from other products the women had been using.

Parabens are harmful because they imitate the estrogen in the body and too much estrogen can increase the risk of cancer. Parabens are known to be used in cosmetic products like shampoo, makeup, shaving gel and moisturizers among other things. Beauty brands are working on eliminating parabens as an ingredient in their products and some have already done so.

Not all products are harmful for you and the best way of staying safe is by taking a glance at the list of ingredients and steering clear of parabens… especially in your deodorant.