Can You Keep a Secret???


Ok, so I know it’s my job to write about beauty products. But I have a secret, while I love to try them out, I don’t actually use very many on a regular basis. I would rather go to Physique 57 in the morning than spend time applying makeup. And by the time the weekend rolls around, I’m way too exhausted from work to put much effort in.

I rely on just three things to pull myself together: Visine, ice cold water, and La Mer lip balm. See, I once read an interview with Demi Moore where she said that she can’t live without eye drops. Ever since I’ve been addicted to clear, red-free eyes. The second tip I got from Elizabeth Hurley. Her only beauty secret is that she splashes her face with cold water after getting out of the shower or washing her face. I have no idea if there is any scientific proof behind it, but I swear it brings color to my cheeks that lasts longer, and looks more natural than blush. The last beauty ritual I learned from Rita Hazan‘s makeup artist Jordy Poon. Because my lips are naturally really red and full, he told me to stick with La Mer lip balm. It has enough shine to be noticeable, but keeps me from looking like Scarlett Johansson- not that that would be such a bad thing.