Camila Mendes Just Got Rid of Her Veronica Lodge Hair

Elizabeth Denton
Camila Mendes Just Got Rid of Her Veronica Lodge Hair
Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows.

Even though they all look pretty natural, the cast of Riverdale went through some serious hair transformations to become their characters. Take KJ Apa for example. He has to dye his reddish-brown hair bright red to play Archie Andrews. Even Cole Sprouse goes darker for his take on Jughead Jones. Now that the hit show is on hiatus, some of the cast is going back to their pre-Riverdale looks—at least for the time being. The gorgeous Camila Mendes even went back to her natural brown hair on Monday and she officially looks nothing like her character, Veronica Lodge.

I don’t know about you but I assumed Mendes had naturally black hair. As it turns out, she’s been dyeing it all along. Hairstylist Matt Rez showed off his client’s ‘do on Instagram, explaining the long process of taking Mendes “back to her roots.”

Taking out layers of blue-black that we have been doing for her character #VeronicaLodge on #riverdale was a 6-hour process to keep the integrity of her hair. Taking extreme care to be gentle and using the highest grade color products is key! 🙌🏻” he wrote. 

After painstakingly removing the blue-back dye, stylist Buddy Porter gave Mendes choppy layers perfect for summer. “If I’m in a salon until midnight I’m glad it’s with these two 💞,” he wrote on Instagram, sharing the same adorable photo.

Mendes isn’t the only star going back to their roots. Sprouse was spotted by a fan on Twitter with his natural dirty blonde and dare I say, he looks very good.

Riverdale parents are getting into the action, too. Betty’s mom, played by Mädchen Amick got a trendy “summer cut” and looks chic as hell.

Who’s next? Will Apa remove the red? Is Lili Reinhart naturally bright blonde? Time will tell and we’ll be watching.