Blogger Camila Coelho on Brazil’s Biggest Beauty Trends


The fashion world has had a love affair with all things Brazil for quite some time. Simply take a look at the world’s top supermodels, and you’ll understand the obsession: Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Izabel Goulart, and Camila Alves are just a few of the country’s beauties. With these stunners posing on the world’s magazine covers, being snapped by the paparazzi at every turn, and strutting down the catwalk in droves season after season, it’s no wonder we’ve become captivated by Brazilian beauty and how we can achieve something similar.

Camila Coelho knows a thing or two about what’s happening with Brazilian beauty: She calls the country her home and is undoubtedly one of the biggest bloggers there—and around the world. It’s all about a fresh and radiant look in her home country, as anything women use must hold up in hot weather. Skin is kept as natural as possible (though glowing and tanned), hair is wavy and inspired by frequent jaunts to the beach, and eyes are made dramatic with sultry black eyeliner. Red lips are a go-to and one of Coelho’s personal favorites, as is the strobing technique (keeping it light is of the utmost importance, as traditional contouring is a bit harsh).

Coelho launched her eponymous blog in 2010 and has since garnered over 3 million Instagram followers, 212,000 Twitter followers, and close to 7 million views for some of her videos on YouTube. She’s also a fashionista: blogging her street-style looks in pieces from Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, and Louis Vuitton and taking in fashion weeks all around the globe.

She now resides in the United States, adopting a bit of American glam while simultaneously bringing her Brazilian flair to North America. Here, she tells us everything about Brazil’s beauty trends, the best places to get your beauty fix in her home country, her favorite products, and more.

Her early influences:
I’ve loved makeup since childhood. I remember my first time going to take my passport photo: I took my mom’s red lipstick and used it because I wanted to look feminine and pretty. As you might imagine, this wasn’t an expected thing for a six-year-old. She definitely had to tame my passion in my younger years, but she let me explore as I got older.

The similarities and differences between beauty in the United States and Brazil:
In Brazil, there’s a heavy focus on the eyes and lips. Skin is more light and natural, which makes sense, as the temperatures range from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit on most days. In the United States, the skin is a focal point for most women. There’s an aim of looking flawless: No imperfections should be shown. The rest of their makeup is then more natural.

Her process of experimentation:
I receive a lot of products from a ton of brands: I’m so thankful for them! I love newness, and I’m drawn to the latest launches from companies I believe in and enjoy. I also gravitate toward things that catch my eye: new colors, innovative products, great packaging.

Her go-to looks:
For a night out, I’m all about a smoky eye. I love the timelessness and power of nude lips as a contrast and well-done, glowing skin. For every day, I opt for a simpler face. Less foundation, some concealer, a lot of mascara for long and luscious lashes (always), and lip balm with a slight tint.

The maintenance of her long and full hair:
I actually blow-dry, curl, and straighten my hair a lot! That means I need to keep it hydrated and moisturized with treatments and masks to prevent heat damage. I also invest in good heat protectants, as well as finishing oils for shiny strands. Hair health is so important.

Where we should shop for beauty products next time we’re in Brazil:
Natura has some of the best products around including makeup, skin care, and perfume, and they’re a Brazilian brand. They’re all natural (hence the name), and you can buy their products online, which is great.

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