Camila Cabello Puts This Food on her Face to Minimize the Appearance of Pores

Camila Cabello Puts This Food on her Face to Minimize the Appearance of Pores
Photo: Emma McIntyre For Entertainment/Getty Images.

Havana singer and former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello seems to have it all. Her talent is immeasurable. Her wardrobe is constantly on point. She’s BFFs with Taylor Swift (so she probably has the inside scoop on, like, all that tea). And, on top of everything, she has picture-perfect skin.

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We always wonder how our favorite celebs manage to maintain smooth, unblemished, seemingly-airbrushed skin, even when they’re on-the-go. For context: these singers have to perform onstage under the hottest lights imaginable in front of thousands of people on the regular, while wearing a full face of makeup. Plus, between rehearsals, shows, shoots and events, we’re almost positive they aren’t getting too much beauty sleep. And any average person knows that it’s much harder to take care of your skin when you’re on the road—it can grow tired and dull if you neglect it even for a day. So how do the A-listers accomplish it?

Cabello doesn’t let anything slow her down—she’s got things to do. So, unsurprisingly, her go-to quick-fix beauty hack is pretty simple. She recently spilled it in an interview with Glamour UK: “My mum and I do this thing where you get the white of an egg yolk and you put it on your face, and it makes your pores smaller,” the singer said.

Why. Didn’t. We. Think. Of. That?!

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While it’s actually impossible to change the size of your pores (it depends almost entirely on genetics), it is possible to reduce their appearance by preserving your skin’s elasticity. Luckily for us, egg whites are super easy to come by— and they’re rich in certain proteins that foster the replenishing of skin cells (which—you guessed it—improve elasticity).

Cabello’s hack is quick and easy. Plus, judging by her gorgeous complexion, it’s effective! So if you can’t find an egg in your fridge at home, pop over to the grocery store. This trick won’t set you back more than a few bucks.