Woah—Camila Cabello Went Platinum Blonde For Her New Music Video

Elizabeth Denton
Woah—Camila Cabello Went Platinum Blonde For Her New Music Video
Photo: Shutterstock.

If you would have told me last week I would be comparing Camila Cabello to Britney Spears I would have thought you were crazy but here I am, watching Cabello’s new music video and seeing some major similarities. Maybe it’s the new platinum blonde hair. Maybe it’s the diamond-emblazoned gown that looks a bit like Spears’ iconic Toxic video ensemble. Either way, Cabello is on fire in the Find U Again video, a song she collaborated on with DJ-songwriter-producer Mark Ronson.

The video just dropped today and it features Ronson, as well as a few others, as a bounty hunter looking for Cabello. But of course, he’s looking for a brunette and Cabello has a bright blonde bob and piecey bangs. He watches her perform on stage and figures out who she is. At the end, he saves her from the other bounty hunters out to get her. As they drive off, Cabello removes her wig showing off her natural brown mane.

It’s a super-fun, sexy video and Cabello looks incredible with blonde hair. But last year, Cabello revealed she just started to appreciate her own natural looks so she probably won’t be going platinum any time soon. She revealed to Glamour she had insecurities growing up that led her to want to be blonde with blue eyes. She wanted to fit in with what she saw on screen.

“The good thing was I grew up around a lot of Latin people in Miami. It was a melting pot of cultures. I wasn’t surrounded by one type of person,” Cabello said. “But still, there was a period when I really wanted light eyes. It was only as I got older that I was like, ‘I like my brown eyes, I like my black hair, I like my skin. I don’t need to be blonde and blue-eyed.'”

Check out the entire video, above.