This New Calorie-Counting App Can Change the Way You Diet

Sarah Barnes

New app Meal Snap lets you take a picture of your meal and then it calculates the calories on your plate—clever, no? Of course, the real question is if the app actually works or not. The makers of Meal Snap says the secret of their app is “pure magic.” What we do know is that after snapping a picture of your meal the image is uploaded to a ‘magical’ Meal Snap database where the food is identified. Within minutes, an alert will be sent to your phone with an estimated calorie count.

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Is it precise? Not quite. In the screenshot above, you can see that the range of possible calories is broad. For example, a “small handful of cashews,” comes back as being anywhere from 150 to 614 calories. Still, having an idea of what you’re consuming is far better than having no idea at all.

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Meal Snap can also record your diet history and act as a food diary, cataloging all your meals by date and picture. Determining if you’re eating enough colorful fruits and vegetables has never been easier.

You can find Meal Snap on the App Store for $2.99