Jessica Alba Dropped a Gem of Beauty Wisdom in Busy Philipps’ Instagram Comments

Jessica Alba Dropped a Gem of Beauty Wisdom in Busy Philipps’ Instagram Comments
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Sometimes, the best beauty advice comes from the least likely of places. And today, we discovered a new way to gently and safely remove our eye makeup in none other than Busy Philipps‘ Instagram comments. The actress, whose feed is one of the more entertaining ones moderated by a celeb, recently put out a desperate call for ways to swipe off mascara without irritating her sensitive eyes.

“Does anyone with sensitive eyes have an eye makeup remover that they love? I need one desperately (CLEARLY). Maybe I should just use coconut or olive oil? Does that work?? Thoughts, questions, feelings welcome! THANKS IN ADVANCE!,” she wrote.

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An overwhelming number of people recommended that she slather on coconut oil while others name-dropped specific products, such as the Bliss Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser and Bioderma Micellar Water. But the one the caught our eye came from Jessica Alba, a beauty pro in her own right, thanks to a little billion-dollar company you may have heard of called Honest Beauty.

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“Clean makeup products and makeup removers,” she wrote, while also adding, “When I’m flared up, I just use calendula ointment or Honest All Purpose Balm and our shampoo.” Initially, we would never dream of putting shampoo anywhere near our eye, but since Honest products are clean and free of the common nasties (sulfates, parabens, etc.), this suggestion isn’t totally nuts.

Calendula ointment, which is derived from the calendula flower, is also packed with its own set of benefits, including an ability to speed up healing and deliver antioxidants to the skin. So, if your eyes are easily bothered by makeup, it’s a suitable all-natural alternative to more traditional makeup removers.

Now we just need to know what Philipps ended up using.

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