This Ingrown Hair Prevention Kit Stopped My Razor Bumps in Their Tracks

Valeriya Chupinina
This Ingrown Hair Prevention Kit Stopped My Razor Bumps in Their Tracks
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As someone who’s slightly more hairy than most people, shaving is a chore I have to force myself to do on the regular. It’s not the most fun you can have on a Saturday night, but it’s a task that must get done. The constant tugging on pulling on my body hair can often head to some damage and irritation, so when it comes to razor burn, I need a product that will do two things: prevent irritation and stop ingrown hairs in their tracks. The weapon in my arsenal? Bushbalm’s Ingrown Hair Prevention Kit

I’m basically shaving just about anywhere you can think of—underarms, bikini line, legs, and when I don’t have time to wax, my mustache area. Having this product available to me has done wonders for my skin and getting rid of any little red or white bumps I can experience from excess shaving. Ingredients like jojoba oil, tea tree oil, grapeseed oil, and copaiba balsam oil come together to do the work of making sure you feel and look good.

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bushbalm ingrown hair kit

Courtesy of Bushbalm.

Bushbalm’s Ingrown Hair Prevention Kit

Long time fans of this product
agree, saying “These products are amazing! I’ve always had problems with razor burn on my bikini line but even after just a few times using the two step routine I’ve seen a big difference!” An invention saving all of us that are prone to irritation.

Here’s how you can use Bushbalm’s Ingrown Hair Prevention Kit
on your own: start off with the scrub. Two to three times per week, give yourself a nice spa-like experience and buff away anything on the skin to keep the area clean and exfoliated.

Next, apply the ingrown hair oil one to two times daily so that it makes the skin softer. You can put it anywhere you shave really, from the bikini line or the underarms. Expect little to no scent as the product comes in Bushbalm’s signature barely-there scent.

I’d recommend you run, not walk to grab this oil and scrub duo
because not only is it a game-changer, it’s 10% off right now. First time shopper with the brand? Score 20% your first purchase and free shipping for orders over $50 when you enter the site.