Got Burnt Over the Weekend? 11 Top Soothing Lotions, Gels & Moisturizers

Julia DiNardo
Got Burnt Over the Weekend? 11 Top Soothing Lotions, Gels & Moisturizers
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It’s the start of the beach season, and you already over did it — oops! It’s okay, we’ve all been over zealous at some point in our lives with soaking in the rays, resulting in lobster-like redness, peeling, and over-all general discomfort and shame at our sun mishap. Soothe your scorched skin with these top lotions, gels and moisturizers, and get back to laying out poolside in no time (with protection of course)! Most of the products listed are light and gentle enough that you can use them on both your face and body — score!



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Take a break from the scent of aloe and embark on an aromatic journey with the smell of rose. It provides lasting relief thanks to ingredients such as rose wax and essential oil, shea butter, almond, and jojoba oils to nourish, soothe, and soften the skin.
(Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Moisturizer, $39.95,

Ah Vaseline, you good 'ol standby! With a fresh scent and mint-hued lotion, you know you'll get an effective, fast-drying formula with pure aloe that you can easily pick up at any retailer in a jiffy.
(Vaseline Total Moisture Light Feeling Lotion, Aloe Fresh, $8.49,

Indulge in some rich antioxidants and botanicals with this quick-drying formula that includes watermelon seed, macadamia and olive oils coupled with aloe vera and cucumber to soothe sun burnt skin.
(Elemental Herbology Skin Drink Summer Body Hydrator, $41,

With nine certified-organic ingredients, you know your skin will be happy when you slather the coconut oil, sea kelp, milk thistle, and white tea extract ingredients on. It also has vanilla in it to heal and soothe while comfrey acts as an anti-inflammatory to aid in cell regrowth.
(John Masters Organics has the Bare Unscented Lotion with Aloe, $16.50

You will never, ever run out of this massive bottle -- go ahead and get it now in anticipation of sharing it with your roommates or family on vacation. Contains Vitamin C and E, native Australian acacia, and green tea extracts. (Australian Gold Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel, $6.99,

A terrific price for a premium product that cuts right to the chase! When your burn is severe, apply this 96.5% natural moisturizer with aloe vera and lidocaine hydrochloride 1% will take away the burn, pain, and sting while gently soothing and nursing your angry skin back to health. (J.R. Watkins Natural Apothecary Moisturizing After Sun Gel, $8.99,

We love these purse-size tubes that deliver pure aloe to bring your scalding skin back to normal. Nothing quite remedies like tea tree oil, and callendula and witch hazel step in to purify and relieve reactive skin in a non-oily gel formula.
(Jason Soothing 98% Aloe Vera Pure Natural Moisturizing Gel, $3.79,; Jason Purifying Tea Tree Pure Natural First Aid Soothing Gel, $4.65,

Free of preservatives, emulsifiers, perfumes or colorants it's great for ultra-sensitive skin while simultaneously calming and regenerating with grapefruit, cucumber, sea buckthorn extracts, and green tea.
(BABOR SKINOVAGEPX Calming Sensitive Bi-Phase Moisturizer, available for $62 starting June 1st,

More of a thicker cream, this moisturizer includes two high-performing and unique ingredients; CoQ10, which is an antioxidant and works to prevent free radical damage and premature aging caused by exposure to the sun, while pomegranate oil, also an antioxidant, protects and delivers moisture to the skin. (Aubrey Organics After Sun Face & Body Moisturizer with CoQ10 and Pomegranate, $10.75,

A few days into the healing of your sunburn, you may want to switch to nourishing cream to impart a ton of moisture; one of our favorites is the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture, featuring ultra-rich Shea butter that always seems to do the trick. (Clinique Deep Comfort Body Moisture, $22,

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