Burn More Calories With This Workout Makeover

Hot at the gym

January is almost over, and it’s the moment of truth: Have you kept up your get-fit New Year’s resolution? If you find yourself in a slump (ellipticals can get so boring after a few weeks), or you haven’t seen the results you’d hoped for, I learned a trick from fitness expert Will Torres when I tried his new program, Raise the Bar, that may give you some inspiration.

Burn More Calories
The key to burning a lot of calories at once — between 700-900 per hour — is to incorporate strength training and cardio at the same time. You can burn up to 10 times more fat in a given workout. Plus, your metabolism is spiked even longer. Normally after a run, you burn calories at an accelerated rate up to three hours after you’ve exercised. After a cardio/strength hybrid workout, your metabolism spikes for up to twelve hours.

How It Works
Why are hybrid workouts so effective? It’s pretty simple. You burn more calories when you do cardio, but your metabolism is spiked longer after a strength workout.  Also, strength training builds muscle, and muscle burns more fat. When you combine the two, you burn more calories at a faster rate and for a longer period.

Try It Yourself
The first 45 minutes of Will’s Raise the Bar class (exclusive to his NYC studio) is a combination of strength exercises and plyometrics done in rapid succession, which really gets your heart rate up —that is where the cardio kicks in. The second half of the workout was strike (a type of mixed martial arts) which incorporates strength training with a small amount of running to keep the heart rate up. To get similar results at home, do reps of squats, lunges, jumps, and push ups with very little rest in between. The less rest you take, the more cardio benefits you’ll reap.

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