Burger King UK Releases Whopper-Scented Perfume


Burger King UK has released Flame fragrance, which the site states is “the scent of seduction with a subtle hint of flame-grilled beef.” Not sure what seduces you, but we don’t find fast-food burger joints to be particularly seductive… Then again, that’s just us. So while we aren’t surprised that this is “the world’s first perfume to contain the irresistible, sizzling overtones of the Whopper,” maybe you die-hard Whopper lovers have been anxiously awaiting the day your loved one comes home smelling like he or she works at BK…

No matter your affinity for fast-food-fragrances, check out the website with Piers Morgan (barely clothed) as the spokes-model who, set against a background of slow jazz music states, “where there’s fire, there’s desire.”

You be the judge…

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