Burberry or Bust (or Prozac?)


According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this winter will be colder and snowier than normal, with above-normal precipitation. I read in the New York Times earlier this month that several leading meteorologists warned that this winter could be the coldest of the century. And so I spent a frustrating Sunday afternoon in Soho trying to prepare myself for this terrible weather predicament. My lack of winter jacket success led me to declare that effective as of now, I’m selling my apartment and moving to Brazil.

But seriously, after perusing the Burberry L.A. store opening photos I might be changing my living destination to southern California. There were A-list and B-list celebrities aplenty celebrating the re-opening of the 7,400 square foot store. Ryan Gosling (my self-declared soul mate) was on-hand to DJ and Christopher Bailey flew in for the event. Everyone at the party was remarkably tan, smiley, and well-rested. So the relocation would not only allow me to escape the miserable winter ahead, I would be better-looking for it; and if I’m honest with myself, the long distance has been fairly draining on my (imaginary) relationship with Ryan.

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Beverly Hills, CA 90212
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