5 Buns That Are Perfect to Wear This Holiday Season

Pulling your hair back into a bun is the perfect go-to hairstyle for your busy holiday party schedule. Plus, there are so many to choose from: There are low buns, high buns, twisted buns, messy buns… .

Want some inspiration to mix it up? We’ve gathered some of our favorite buns seen on the runway to help you look your best. We’ve also included how-to’s, tips, and tricks so you can achieve the look flawlessly without putting in a ton of effort.


Large Sock Bun


This high sock bun is absolutely perfect for thicker hair—and it’s surprisingly easy to do. To get the look, pull your hair back into a high, sleek pony and secure. Then, turn your hair in from the ends all around the circumference of the pony. To make sure it’s this tight and clean, try using a styling donut. To top the sleek look off, add a headband.

Braided low bun


We absolutely love this low braided bun and the way it’s pulled back. To copy the look, separate your hair into a front and back section and do a deep side part. Then, smooth the front section of your hair down across the side of your head and then wrap it back toward the nape of your neck (gel and a few hidden bobby pins can help with holding it in place). Braid the back section of your hair and twist it into a bun. To keep flyaways and any stray hairs down, spray some hairspray onto a clean tooth brush and run over the top of the hair. Sleekness is key to perfecting this look.

Anna Sui bbt F13 025


This oversized bun is dramatically chic. After you pull hair into a ponytail and secure, tease it the ends to add texture. Then, loosely tuck the ends of your hair underneath itself and tuck the bottoms and sides in for the spherical effect.

Dennis Basso bty F14 003


This is a little more difficult bun but still doable. After you pull your hair into a pony in the center of your head, curl it under about half an inch then twist your hair around the top of the band line and pin. Don’t secure it too tightly—you’ll want to let it loop in order to get the bun effect.

Dior bty S14 029


This low knotted bun is perfect with any neckline. All you have to do is secure your hair into a low pony, twist the ends into a bun, and pin into place. It’s simple, quick, and completely sophisticated. You can keep it clean and sleek like this one by adding gel to wet hair and then securing it, or you can pull out some little hairs to loosen it up and go for a messier look.