Buns and Bobs for Carmen Marc Valvo

Gucci Westman

I just finished creating the look at Carmen Marc Valvo and it was such a fun experience! Usually backstage is very crazy, but for this show we actually did all the hair at my salon, which is around the corner from the space where the show was held. That made things so much calmer for me — I got to really focus on the hairstyles instead of the usual drama and craziness of backstage prep.

Ted Gibson Valvo Fashion Week Fall 2009

Photo: Nathan Bush

Normally Carmen’s designs are very polished, sleek and architectural and the hair goes along with that. This season he wanted to do something a little different, a little softer. The bob is really hot right now and buns never go out of style so I decided to incorporate both of these looks into the show.

Girls with short hair were given smoothed out bobs and on the girls with really long hair I created an effortlessly chic bun.

Ted Gibson Valvo Fashion Week Fall 2009

Photo: Nathan Bush

To create the smoothed out look, I blew models hair dry and added shine cream to get that sleek finish and to also get some much-needed texture. Then I took one-inch sections and flat-ironed hair straight. It’s really important when you’re flat-ironing your hair to make sure your hair is dry. This lessens the amount of dehydration and minimizes breakage and damage.

To make the perfect bun, I pulled hair into a ponytail to create a base for the style. We placed this bun in the middle of the head to get a little bit of attitude that still had a feel of serious sophistication.

Once I had wrapped the bun in place I secured it with a mix of hair pins and grips (bobby pins). I like using hair pins first because they give me more versatility. If I put one in and then decide I want to move the style, I can just take them out and put them somewhere else. Grips are harder to move because they provide a more secure hold, so I only use them when I am done playing with the positioning of the style.

Don’t they look fantastic?

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