“Bun Dropping” Has Become The Internet’s Weirdest Instagram Obsession

“Bun Dropping” Has Become The Internet’s Weirdest Instagram Obsession
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Things that occur within five minutes of getting home at the end of the day: bra comes off, sweats go on, and hair gets taken down. (Ugh—the feeling of shaking out your hair and massaging your roots…we can’t deal with how good that sounds right now.) And apparently, we’re not alone in the sigh-inducing feels, as the internet has proved with the latest overnight obsession: bun dropping.

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It sounds questionable and/or weird, but it’s everything you’ve ever wanted to watch and more. Basically, women (who all seem to have ridiculously gorgeous, glossy hair) are recording themselves untying their topknots and letting their hair drop in a slow-mo wave of glory. Like most trends, we have no idea why it’s happening, but we do know why people are hooked: The videos are hardcore mesmerizing.

So mesmerizing, that writing this article took a good 30 minutes longer than normal, because we kept getting caught up in watching the videos. Which is great for you, because we found some of the very best #bundrop videos on the web. Just be careful, because once you start, you’ll probably be sucked into a rabbit hole for an hour.

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