You’re Doing It Wrong: Brushing Your Teeth

Megan Segura


Since our first baby teeth came in, we’ve been brushing our teeth twice a day every day, so it’s pretty surprising to learn we might have been doing it wrong this whole time. Alas, dentist Dr. Peter Auster says most people make the mistake of using too much toothpaste.

Auster says, “Many toothpastes are very abrasive. Companies like you to use a lot, but in fact, a pearl size is just as effective and will abrade teeth less.” It’s true that in every toothpaste commercial out there you see a long strip of toothpaste being applied to the brush, so it makes sense that we’ve been copying the technique all this time.

While it’s upsetting to learn that we’ve been doing this simple, everyday practice wrong, the good news is we’ll be saving money on toothpaste from now on.

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