Ask an Expert: Can I Brush My Hair When It’s Wet?

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Since we are lucky enough to work with a bevy of experts who drop excellent tips on us without blinking an eye we figured it was due time to share them with the rest of you. With Ask an Expert, we’ll be reaching out to some of our favorite pros in the industry with the beauty questions that you send in via social media (with the hashtag #BeautyHelp). So please, send in your critical beauty questions and we’ll get them answered for you!

Wet, tousled hair can be frustrating to work through. Most of us get out of the shower, towel dry our hair and then brush immediately. Some say brushing through knotty hair can rip and pull out our locks, but is this really true? For all of our most pressing hair care questions we go directly to celebrity stylist Michael Dueñas for the answers. Below, he tells us the truth behind brushing through wet from the shower hair. 

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Q: Will brushing my hair when it’s wet from the shower actually damage it? What do you suggest instead?

A: This depends on how tangled your hair is, and what type of brush you are using. Hair is at its most vulnerable and elastic state when it is wet. So you do indeed need to be very cautious when brushing it out. Make sure your brush has soft flexible bristles, and always start at the bottom of your hair, this will prevent you from pushing more tangles and knots into themselves, making the problem worse. If you would like to avoid this all together, use a leave-in conditioner and gently finger comb your hair, pulling the tangles apart with your fingers will work as well!

Michael Dueñas, Celebrity Hairstylist and CEO of Hair Room Service, an in-room salon appointment service that delivers top celebrity stylists and services to your door.