The Best Brushes For Wet Hair

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You’re probably reading this title, shaking your head, thinking that brushing is just a mean thing to do to your wet, fragile strands. That said, for those who prefer to brush, it’s not totally without merit. If you have super long hair, sometimes a comb just doesn’t catch all the hair in between the teeth. With the beauty market offering plenty of damage-free products for you brush enthusiasts, you can brush your (wet) hair and keep it too. Just make sure you start brushing downwards gently from the bottom of your hair shaft to get rid of tangles, so you can make longer strokes with less struggle from root to tip. Here are some options to look for:


goody styling quikstyle brush primary The Best Brushes For Wet Hair

Goody, trusted hair wand creator, has come out with something bordering on As-Seen-On-TV status with their Quikstyle brush. It’s like a second towel-dry for your hair post-shower. Anti-microbial microfiber bristles are interspersed on the paddle to absorb water from your hair, as well as simultaneously gently tame it.

(Where to Buy: Goody Quickstyle Paddle brush, at


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Olivia Garden Divine Wet Detangler

Olivia Garden’s (no relation to the all-you-can-eat pasta restaurant chain) Divine Wet Detangler brush is a weapon of choice because its ergonomic shape fits nicely in your hand as you wield it on your wet locks. The Memory-Flex bristles are long and spaced widely apart on a soft rubber base. The base is important because it allowed the bristles to bend and flex through your hair, so they are less likely to snag and break strands. This is a nicely-sized brush for travel but still holds its weight for everyday use.

(Where to Buy: Olivia Garden Divine Wet Detangler Brush, available on Amazon


laight mercer 2696 edit1 The Best Brushes For Wet Hair


Laight & Mercer offers pretty much only two products, a mixed bristle dry hair brush and this flexible plastic bristled wet hair brush, so you know that they’re committed to offering quality products. This brush has what they call Interflex bristles which flex and bend, so as not to snap your wet hair as your pull the brush through, while avoiding the flattening of any natural texture your hair has. It leaves no trace it was there, aside from your detangled wet tresses, which is how it should be.

(Where to Buy: Laight & Mercer hair Brush For Wet Hair, $80 at


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Ouidad Detangler



A hair tool from a company that specializes in quality hair products is generally something that you can trust will work one way or another. Ouidad doubled-up the generally prescribed wide-tooth comb for wet hair and made it into a super effective comb/brush hybrid for detangling wet hair. This would be best for those with naturally curly or coarse hair since it’ll detangle but not deflate that texture.

(Where to Buy: Ouidad Double Detangler, available on Amazon )


Rickycare Wet Brush


For what NYC lacks in Sally Beauty Supply Stores, we make up for with Ricky’s Beauty Shops, the punky alternative (yet always stocked with nearly anything a beauty fanatic could want) one-stop beauty supply store. Their house line of hair tools is nothing to side-eye, since they’re affordable and great quality. Their version of the Wet Brush is offered in several colors and sizes, this one being the travel-sized.

(Where to Buy: RickyCare Neon Orange Water-Friendly Paddle Brush, $6 at

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This might appear to be some masochistic tool for alternative massage, but it is indeed an effective contraption for detangling hair in any state—wet, dry, styled—you can sweep this little guy over your hair and not worry about it breaking your strands because the bristles are so shallow and flexible. You can apply as little or as firm pressure you need to fully detangle, or just tame those wisps. Bonus: makes for a great scalp massage.

(Where to Buy: Tangle Teezer, available on Amazon )


Wet BRush



There’s a reason this is named The Wet Brush, it being the brush for use on wet hair. They’ve tricked out their brushes with “Intelliflex” bristles, which bend and flex with the pull so as not to tear your precious hair from your head as the “SoftTips” at the ends of each bristle provide a soothing and gentle scalp massage. The Wet Brush boasts a pain-free experience detangling your wet hair and this brush is also great for brushing out wigs, which can get matted very easily and be a pain to detangle without ripping out hairs.

(Where to Buy: The Wet Brush, available on Amazon )

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