Brush up with Colgate Wisps


Brushing twice a day just isn’t enough to keep our teeth clean and our breath fresh all day long. Yet midday brushing isn’t always feasible – or at least is never was before. The new Colgate Wisp, though, is making it possible to have squeaky-clean teeth and minty-fresh breath anytime, anywhere.

Without the need for any water, the single-use brush is designed to simultaneously clean teeth and freshen breath with its built in mouthwash-like freshening bead. You can also turn the mini-toothbrush around and use the pointed handle as a toothpick.

At only three and a half inches long, and therefore able to fit in the pocket of even your skinniest jeans, Colgate has nullified every excuse in the book for bad breath.

Available in peppermint, cinnamint, or spearmint.

Colgate Wisp, $8.49 for a pack of sixteen, at