How to Keep Your Brows Neat in Between Shapings

Aly Walansky
Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Our brows never look better than when they are freshly shaped, but if we want that perfect arch to last for as long as possible, what do we do? Some of our favorite brow experts shared their best tips.

1. Stay away from your arch area.
Consider it your “no-tweeze zone.” Only pluck the strays that grow between your brows and in the no-man’s-land areas that don’t affect the shape of your eyebrows, says Joey Healy, a celebrity brow specialist.

2. Don’t go crazy with your tweezers.
If your brows are already thin, this could make them worse. “Only tweeze those hairs that are growing at a rapid pace and seem to curl under or over your natural brow,” says Kerry Heaps, founder  of K|Kouture Cosmetics.

3. Remember objects are closer than they appear.
Never use a magnifying mirror at home while tweezing your brows. An arm’s distance allows for perspective, which is key when creating your perfect shape. “You don’t want to end up having to draw on your brows. If you can’t tell whether or not tweezing that last hair will be the difference between a Joan Crawford arch and a Greta Garbo line, put the tweezers down and sleep on it,” says Healy.

4. Make brow powder your friend.
For sparse, thin or over plucked brows, try filling in with brow powder, which offers more control of the coverage for filling in holes and/or grey hairs than a pencil. Lila Castellanos, owner of Doll Face Skincare Studio, loves Anastasia Beverly Hills No Brows, No Problem Kit ($59, Another great solution for making brows stand out more is to get them tinted by a licensed beauty professional.

5. Apply color to your brow.
If you are using a brow pencil and find the color hard to stay on, try running the tip of the pencil on paper or sharpening the tip. “Makeup pencils have a tendency to build up a wax on the tip, causing the color to not go on evenly. If you are using a powder base and your applicator is too big for your brow, try a Q-tip to apply the color,” says Heaps.

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