Instagram Insta-Glam: Brown Lipstick


Let’s focus on the perks of fall instead of the downside of summer-no-more, shall we? One of these perks is the beauty revamp that inevitably comes with autumn, and the bold, jewel-toned looks that were absent from summer. If you’re searching for the right darker shade to sport, why not try a show-stopping brown lip? We know that brown might sound a bit “muddy” or downright blah, but we promise, it’s incredibly chic.

Pulling off a flawless brown lip does take a bit of effort, though. Lips need a decent amount of prep in order to have the perfect canvas, so grab your lip scrub and make sure your pout is in top-notch shape. Afterwards, apply a little bit of lip balm to seal in that moisture. There’s nothing worse than dark color that creases on your lips, so a bit of concealer around the edges will prevent this from happening. Take a look at some of these Instagram users who perfectly pulled off the brown lip, and let us know if you have a favorite brown lip color in the comments!

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