Browhaus, The Brow Salon Takes My ‘Threading’ Virginity

Amanda Elser

There are a few beauty procedures that I have researched and written about, yet have never had the opportunity to experience. “Threading” was one of those experiences. That was, until I met Ramon at Strip/Browhaus in the Nolita neighborhood. Ramon is the lively Director at Strip: Ministry of Waxing and Browhaus, The Brow Salon who was more than thrilled to get a threading newbie like me in his store.

When I entered the Spring Street location I was greeted with wax dipped art rivaling that of Madame Tussauds’, a stereo blasting out top ’40s music and an energetic team of hair removal experts – definitely no relaxing spa waterfalls in sight.

Strip and Browhaus share one common facility sliced down the middle. Over on the Browhaus side I was placed in achair with a blinding light over head. It was at this point that strong memories of dentist appointments gone wrong reappeared, but then the threading started and I completely forget where I was and just concentrated on feeling every single hair being pulled out of my eyebrow region.

Honestly, once you get used to the odd sensation, the whole process is actually quite relaxing. They attack your eyebrows with such an adherence to detail, it was only about 30 minutes later that I was able to look at my freshly sculpted brows in the mirror and see that they didn’t pluck me thin, they evened me out. Better yet, they made the whole hair removal process kind of… fun.

At Strip and Browhaus they really believe in the art behind any hair removal, which is why Ramon is so determined to get me in there for a Brazilian. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll hear all about it, either on StyleCaster or from my screams resonating throughout lower Manhattan.

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