4 Things You Need to Know Before You Tweeze Your Brows

Rachel Krause


There are plenty of beauty procedures that we say are best left to the professionals, like haircuts and double processes, but if there’s one thing we’d encourage you to smartly DIY, it’s brow grooming. True, the results can be disastrous if you’re not careful, but learning how to give yourself a good brow shaping with tweezers at home is an easy way to save time and money without sacrificing your look. Arm yourself with a solid set of tweezers and get started with these four simple rules.

Tweeze after a shower.
If you pinch your skin when you go to grab a hair or have to struggle to extract it, tweezing can hurt, not to mention cause unsightly redness. A warm shower opens the pores and hair follicles and makes it easier for hairs to slide out of the skin with less effort and pulling.

Choose the right pair of tweezers.
Not just any tweezers will do, so don’t skimp on your choice. Look for a slanted edge rather than a pointed tweezer, which can be tough for a non-professional to use since they require extra precision. It may seem a bit pricey, but the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer is our top pick—it’s the best tweezer we’ve ever tried, and each pair lasts just about forever.

Know what you’re trying to accomplish.
Go into your tweezing process with a firm mission—to enhance your arch, to clean up stray hairs, or otherwise—and don’t get creative. The best brows for you are your natural brows but better, not, say, Megan Fox‘s brows or even Cara Delevingne‘s. Just as a celebrity hairstyle should be adapted to suit your face and not Jennifer Aniston‘s, don’t try to make your brows into something they’re not. This almost always results in overplucking, and we guarantee you won’t love the results.

Don’t get too close.
Trust us when we say that the magnifying mirror is your worst beauty enemy. Whatever you do, don’t go looking at your brows at an extreme magnification, as it’ll only lead to more and more tweezing, only for you to step back from the mirror and realize just how much you’ve taken off. Use a regular mirror, preferably one that’s lighted so you can get a clearer look, and be sure to pull away from it every few minutes to get a better perspective on what you’re doing, rather than the warped close-up version of it.

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