Ways to Brow Tint, When Tattooing Isn’t For You

Victoria Moorhouse


In today’s age, darkening brows—making them more distinct—is just as much an everyday, regular beauty routine as lathering up on SPF before you head into the sun. Just like plucking to get them super thin and tiny once was an essential, adding bulk to them has replaced that effort. We’ve covered more temporary versions of adding color to your brows and brow tinting, most of which consist of coating and layering them with gel, pencil, and marker pigment to fill in sparse spaces. They’re as easy to get off as applying makeup remover to a tissue or washing your face.

We’ve also explored more permanent options. The process, brow resurrection, is kind of similar to a tattoo except it doesn’t last forever. However, its semi-permanent, meaning it can last you up to two years if you take the proper steps and engage in the correct after-care methods.

Clearly, filling them in is fine when you want to just make them appear fuller, but when color is your main concern, the painting can get real old, real fast. There are, however, a few methods in-between resurrection and pencils that can help boost your eyebrow hair hue—and we rounded them up below.

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Ask Your Colorist
Getting your hair dyed? If it’s a drastic color, your hairstylist will probably already do this without you asking. When you’re going blonde, it’s usually a darker blonde/brown hue used on your brows to make them stand out. Think about celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kiernan Shipka, or Cara Delevingne (obviously), all of which are rocking brows that more closely resemble the color of their roots. If you’re going an alternative color like a pastel, your colorist will help you find the right tint for your brows that doesn’t distract or take away from your overall look.

Get More Specific—Go to a Brow Bar
There are studios and salons that offer specific processes to tint your brows, which aren’t the same as getting the pigment lightly scratched into your skin. They tend to use vegetable-based dye that is gentler on those delicate hairs and lasts for weeks on end. That’s a little better than coloring them in every morning, no? Most are relatively cheap, too, with Wink Brow Bar in New York City only charging $21 for a session.

This is totally opposite of going dark, but it’s definitely a way to change the color of your brows without going through more of a lengthy process. To keep things safe and free of accidents, go to a specialist or ask your colorist to do it. They do sell eyebrow bleach, but like any first-time coloring attempt, you’re going to want to consult with plenty of how-tos and even an expert. It’s not something as easily fixed as a bad highlighting job.

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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tints
You can pick up eyebrow tints that have long-lasting wear and apply them to yourself at home. Talika just came out with an eyebrow growth serum, the Eyebrow Lipocils Expert, that works with ingredients like baobab leaf to stimulate the growth, while using coleus forskohlii to pump up the production of melanin, which is what gives your eyebrow hairs their pigment. Basically, over time, you’re meant to see the color of your eyebrows become more prominent.


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