Yup, Brow Carving is the New Instagram Eyebrow Trend

Yup, Brow Carving is the New Instagram Eyebrow Trend
Photo: ImaxTree

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s just another Instagram beauty trend that has burst forth brightly, like a ray of light shooting across the sky, only to die a quick death with the rest of the Instagram beauty trends in about a week. But for now, the internet—or at least a few legit beauty bloggers—has quickly become obsessed with brow carving, which is essentially a faded, smokey look for your brow bones, because sure.

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The creator of the look, at least according to Allure, is a Texas-based makeup artist named Alexa Link, who first posted a photo of the look back in April, but has now watched it become a trend slowly over the last few weeks, with other makeup artists trying brow carving on themselves, with different shadows, pigments, and shimmer.

brow carving Yup, Brow Carving is the New Instagram Eyebrow Trend

Credit: Instagram | @alexalink

Though Link hasn’t explicitly explained how to recreate these look, but we’re assuming she got such clean lines by cutting and placing strips of tape over her eyebrows before buffing and blending different shades of dark eyeshadows over the tape to create a smokey, cut-crease-looking brow. Or, she possibly employed some expert-level eyeliner blending, which she then cleaned up using a tiny brush dipped in concealer. Either way, though, we present to you the carved brow—a look you probably won’t ever wear IRL, but, hey, at least it looks really, really cool on Instagram.

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