Brooke Shields Talks Her MAC Collection, Brow Tricks, Allergy Tips, and More

Rachel Krause
Andrew Toth; Getty Images

Andrew Toth; Getty Images

With two young kids, multiple sponsorships, and the best eyebrows in the biz to answer for, Brooke Shields sure has a lot on her plate … but she didn’t let that small fact get in the way of her partnering with MAC Cosmetics to create her own eponymous Beauty Icon color collection. Right in line with Brooke’s personal aesthetic, the resulting products bridge the gap between the soft and natural and the striking and unconventional, in shades and finishes hand-selected by Brooke herself. To celebrate the limited edition (in stores only from October 2 to October 30) collection’s debut, we snagged the actress behind the scenes to talk inspiration, fitness, and—of course—those notorious brows.

Naturally, we had to ask Brooke just how this collaboration came about. The answer? “Serendipitously,” she said, after running into MAC head honcho James Gager in their favorite coffee shop. “He said, ‘Would you be interested in actually designing a line?’” Brooke agreed, on one condition: “I said I would, but only if I really could have a hand in it instead of just slapping my name on something. I wanted to learn about it, I wanted to share my ideas and my concerns.”

Brooke gushed of the two-year process of creating the collection, “I can’t even call it a labor of love, because it was all love. It got me excited about makeup, because for so many years I just sat in the chair, had it slapped on, and took it off as quickly as possible. This made me appreciate the artistry and the detail behind it.” And as for her first “meetings of the minds” with MAC, she hardly showed up empty-handed. In fact, she brought along a huge book filled with her inspirations for the collection, from colors she loved to inspirations like Grace Kelly and Kate Moss.

She chalked up her many-faceted makeup moods to being a Gemini, which Gager loved. “He said, ‘Maybe that’s what we’ll do. Maybe that’s the point.’” For Brooke’s part, she says, “That is the point, because every woman I know has both those sides. We’re not really trained to celebrate both of them. I say, well, start.”

As for her own beauty tips, Brooke has one favorite trick for hiding allergies, which she suffers from. “If you put eyedrops in your eyes when you have makeup on, and you quickly sniff in, it sucks it into your eyes so it doesn’t run down your face and ruin your makeup.” Genius. We’d love to tell you that she also divulged the secret to getting those coveted Brooke Shields brows, but it really only takes her a bit of brow gel before she’s ready to go.

We also questioned Brooke in regard to another thing she’s famous for: her incredible body. Refreshingly, she eschews hours in the gym, which “makes her mad,” in favor of fun outdoor activities like surfing and tennis, which she likes because they don’t feel like you’re exercising. You and us both, sister.

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