How Do I Use Bronzer Without Overdoing It?

Kristin Gallegos

Dear Kristin,

How do I use bronzer without overdoing it?



As summer approaches, girls start to get bronzer crazy!!! I am personally not a huge fan of the uber bronzed look. But there is a way to use bronzer to achieve the fresh and healthy look, as it was meant to be used. To avoid looking like a Jersey Shore cast member you need to know a few things. First of all less is more! Apply the bronzer sparingly. You want to start light and build. It’s much easier to add more if you need to then to tone it down. You also want to choose a bronzer that isn’t too orange. It should be no more than two shades darker than your skin tone — you don’t want to go too dark.  The goal is to look like you actually got some sun. If you go too far it won’t look in the least bit natural. You also don’t want your face to be darker than your body.  To avoid looking muddy you want to get one that has a slight shimmer to it, because shimmer is light reflecting. This will help to add dimension to the face and to give you a healthy glow. To further achieve this you can add some extra highlight to the cheekbones!  Choose a nice light shimmery cream.

There are all kinds of bronzers out there. I personally think that the easiest to use is a powder. It’s much easier to control. You just add the powder with a nice big fluffy blush brush to the parts of the face that the sun would naturally hit. The top of the forehead, the cheeks, jawline, and chin. You can also lightly dust some over your nose. You want to make sure you blend it into the neck as well. Using small circular motions help to blend well. This is so you avoid looking like you are wearing a mask! Powders are especially good in the summer time and generally for oily skin.

Another good trick is to go one shade warmer with your foundation first.  This will make your skin seem a little bit more tan to begin with so that the bronzer doesn’t appear too dark. Its like a base tan! You want to make sure you cover your neck and ears though. And if you prefer to use a liquid bronzer, it can be mixed into your moisturizer or foundation for a slightly more natural all over look. But before applying make sure you exfoliate the skin and moisturize well so it goes on evenly and doesn’t blotch.  And AGAIN don’t forget your neck and chest to avoid lines!

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