Sick of self-tanners giving you empty promises of a healthy streak-free glow? You no longer need to worry about turning orange, thanks to Laura Mercier’s new Body Bronzing Makeup. The moisturizing formula is made with super-food and magic ingredient, green tea, as well as light reflective particles. Not only will it leave you silky smooth, but the particles help conceal imperfections. The Bronzing Makeup is what it says; it’s not a self tanner, it’s a body makeup, which means it is not permanent, but it also means no more streaks or splotches. It also just happens to smell like almond and coconut, like a grown-up version of that Coppertone scent you love.

Just apply the silky formula evenly and give it a couple of minutes to dry. It will leave you glowing and bronzed in seconds. The best part is that you can simply wash it off at the end of the day or night and return to your more natural shade. Washing off your bronzing makeup at night is the modern Cinderella’s equivalent to her coach turning into a pumpkin. At least when your clock hits midnight, you can simply touch up with a bit of Body Bronzing Makeup.

Laura Mercier Body Bronzing Makeup, $38, at