This is How to Go Bronde This Summer

Victoria Moorhouse
Bronde Hair


If you hadn’t heard the word “bronde” before, Blake Lively and her newly colored tresses probably just filled you in. A rich fusion between blonde and brunette, this coloring trend is flattering on everyone, looks incredibly natural and couldn’t possibly be more perfect for the summer. If this is your dream hair, you’re not alone. We got the scoop from hair color experts on this gorgeous color trend—and how you can find your best bronde, too.

What Is It?
“Bronde is the perfect way for the brunette woman to explore lighter shades in her hair without having to go fully blonde,” says Jason Backe, celebrity colorist for L’Oréal Professionnel and CEO of ted gibson beauty. “It’s that perfect mix of a light brown shade with subtle blonde highlights that, when blended with the rest of the hair, appears golden and honey-toned.”

It also provides a range of tonalities in color, so you won’t be left with only a head of chestnut brown hair. “This is a great way to add dimension into dark hair, and depending on the placement, the grow out is very natural looking,” Backe tells us.

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How Should You Ask for Bronde?
Backe says that the defining trait of bronde is a variation of brunette and blonde tones, rather than the one or two used for classic highlights. This means that there can be a really incredible range of colors for additional depth and movement. However, Backe says that it’s easier for natural brunettes to get this look. “This trend is really best on brunettes who want to introduce lighter shades. If you try to put darker shades into blond hair, it can look too heavy or stripy,” he says.

So now that you know what bronde means, you’ll likely feel more confident asking for it. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the reinforcement of a photograph. “The best way to communicate hair color is to bring in pictures on your mobile device. If that isn’t an option, try phrases like ‘tortoiseshell’ or a mixture of dark to light brunette shades,” explains Backe. This way, even if your colorist has never heard the word bronde, this will get your point across.

How It’s Done—And How to Make It Last
Though every colorist will have their own bronde-ing color technique, there are a few basic ways to get this eminently natural look. “To achieve a bronde color, you can ask your colorist to do balayage (a freehand hair painting technique), or it can also be achieved with foiling,” says Backe.

And once you’ve got the bronde of your dreams, you’ll need to take care of it. Pick up a color-safe shampoo so that the hue doesn’t warp when in contact with elements like the sun, chlorine, and water with heavy mineral deposits. “Make sure to use a color protecting/preserving shampoo and conditioner like the new L’Oréal Professionnel Vitamino Color AOX, available at salons, to keep your bronde looking spectacular all summer long,” Backe tells us.

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