The Unusual Vegetable Part That’s Being Called The New Kale

Rachel Krause

Photo: Foxy Fresh Produce

Another day, another unusual vegetable being hailed as “the next kale.” It’s completely valid that produce purveyors the world over are eager to reproduce the success of everyone’s favorite hipster veggie, but they’re going to some interesting lengths to do it—even experimenting with parts that would usually be composted, not eaten.

That’s the philosophy behind “BroccoLeaf,” which is made from the young leaves around the crown of broccoli that are generally removed long before it hits grocery stands. According to Matt Seeley, VP of marketing at The Nunes Company, which sells the new vegetable under its Foxy Organic brand, the taste is much less bitter than kale, which makes it more palatable to those who avoid kale’s piquant flavor at all costs.

And juicing fanatics, listen up: the company found that these broccoli leaves make a wonderful green addition to juice, given their mild taste and high water content. A single serving provides a full day’s supply of Vitamins A and C, and it also contains more calcium, more iron, and more potassium than kale. Interesting.

So far, BroccoLeaf can only be found in limited shops around epicenters like New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, as well as at a small group of restaurants and juice companies, but if you happen to spot it at your local grocery store (or see full broccoli stalks—leaves intact—at your local farmer’s market) any time soon, it may very well be worth a try.

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