Brittany Snow on the Craziest Thing She’s Done While Wearing a Bioré Pore Strip

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Adriana M. Barraza/

Adriana M. Barraza/

Of all the celebrities to watch out for in 2015, Brittany Snow is no doubt one of them. Not only will she remind you just how good your favorite songs sound when sung in a cappella, her inevitable red carpet appearances and real-life Instagram snaps are sure to inspire your hair, makeup, and now, skin care routines. As the first ever celebrity spokesperson for Bioré, Brittany Snow is challenging you to, well, clean your pores. Brittany has teamed up with the brand to present you with the #StripWithBiore challenge, a contest where you’re encouraged to upload your picture to Twitter and Instagram while wearing a pore strip. The owner of the winning snap will get a chance to walk the red carpet with Brittany Snow at an event for her charity, Love is Louder.

We caught up with the star to talk about the secrets of her skin, the products she can’t live without, what to expect from the release of Pitch Perfect 2 in May, how she multitasks while wearing a pore strip (we HAD to ask), and more. Check it out below.

Firstly, what’s your go-to routine for keeping your skin in great shape?
Brittany Snow: My skin naturally is very, very dry. When I was a teenager, it was a really, really difficult thing keeping my skin moisturized but also not breakout, because the more that I put creams, lotions, and oils on it, the more that I would breakout. So finding that balance of eating the right things, taking the right supplements, and also incorporating a beauty routine as far as products and things like that. I kind of had to get used to it. Now, it’s kind of a combination of eating right, going to my holistic facialist, Bioré products, and my regular routine.

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If you could pick three products to live day-to-day with, what would they be?
Well, Bioré Charcoal Pore Strips and then there’s this product called Dermal K that my holistic doctor gave me because my skin is really, really thin and I inherited my dad’s lovely spider veins and thin skin. So the Dermal K is actually an organic cream that you put on that infuses a lot of vitamins. It actually makes your capillaries really small. So, I love that. I also take lots of different oils and things like that and vitamins for my skin, so those are the things that I do daily and weekly to make sure that I feel good.

What’s the funniest or most interesting thing you’ve done while wearing a Bioré Pore Strip?
Recently, we shot a video and that was kind of the concept of the video—how many random things can you do in the 10 minutes that you’re supposed to be wearing the pore strip. The concept for the video was all these crazy, heightened reality things I would be doing. They were loosely based on things I would be doing in my real life—hanging out with my dog while I’m doing pore strips or a face mask. They are just a little bit more quirky and heightened, so I’m doing push-ups with my dog on my back, making a green juice with lots of sugary stuff, or having a really personal phone call with the pizza delivery guy. I guess in real life, I’m a big multi-tasker, so I’m usually doing like a face mask, pore strip, laundry, crunches, cooking something. I definitely have been known to walk around my neighborhood with a mask and pore strips on walking my dog.

Speaking of skin care, what’s your favorite skin care trend of the moment?
A couple months ago, I learned about charcoal in general, as far as taking charcoal pills and what it does for inside your body. Now, I think it was kind of ironic and interesting that I got approached by Bioré for the charcoal strips and mask because I was already incorporating in about learning about that, as far as how good it is for your insides. So of course your skin is your biggest living muscle. It’s the thing that is most important. It works on everything. That’s a trend that I hope doesn’t go away, but I am a huge fan of coconut oils and oils and taking the right supplements. I’ve been really getting into that recently—of going to holistic doctors and things like that and figuring out what’s really right for your skin on the inside as well.

We’re really excited for the release of ‘Pitch Perfect 2.’ If you could have picked any song to be a part of the sequel, what would it have been?
I think right now, Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One.” I think that’s the song that my boyfriend and I sing in the car. We try to do the whole riff and sing it really low, and we never quite get it right. It doesn’t sound as good as him, obviously, so I think something that was a ballad or something really soulful would have been fun in “Pitch Perfect 2.”

We’re sure you’ve had some crazy times on set. What’s been your favorite memory when filming?
My favorite memory would be the camp montage where we go to a camp in the second one to bond together. My favorite memory is actually all of us girls going to the camp to bond together before we started shooting. We spent about two days doing the fun activities you would do at camp. We did the blob bounce and we rock-climbed and we did zip-lining. Basically, we did like two days of just fun stuff—getting to swim in a lake and run around and get all dirty. It was pretty amazing that that was actually our job was to go to a camp and goof off. It was a pretty surreal moment that we got to do that for a living.

What’s the best hair and makeup trick you’ve learned being on set all of these years?
Probably washing my face no matter what. I know it’s so simple, but it is the thing that even if you have too much to drink and I fall asleep, there is still something that happens in my body where I like wake up in the middle of the night and wash my face. It’s so important for my skin to get clean and you know, you have to do it no matter what. And drinking a lot of water on set. I never used to drink a lot of water, and then on “American Dreams,” one of the PAs would challenge me everyday to a chug off of just how many bottles of water we could drink. So that’s how I started drinking a lot of water, but it’s so important to your skin.

Definitely. Drinking water is really simple, but it can do a lot for your skin.
I’m not a big fan of drinking water. I don’t like the taste that much, but I just have a bottle in my hand. Also, whenever anyone asks, “Do you want a water,” I made a New Year’s resolution a couple years ago to just say yes and drink it.

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