3 Bridal Manis You Have To Try (Even If You’re Not Getting Married)

Megan Segura

When it comes to the wedding, a bride wants every detail, down to the underwear she’s wearing down the aisle, to be picture perfect. And since hands are the focus of many wedding photos (holding the bouquet, exchanging rings, etc.), nails need to look amazing. And who says they have to be classic nude? Here, Editor in Chief of Nail It! Magazine Stephanie Lavery shares three of her favorite out-of-the-box bridal manis, along with all the steps you need to get the look.

1. Something Blue

Nail It_02_Bridal

Image via Nail It!

Step 1: Apply base coat, then two coats of light blue nail polish, like Zoya in Blue ($8, zoya.com).
Step 2: Dab a small amount of nail glue at the base of your nail near the cuticle. Adhere a square stud to the nail. Hold for a moment to allow the glue to dry.
Step 3: Finish with top coat over the entire nail.

2. Romancing the Stone

Nail It_01_Bridal

Image via Nail It!

Step 1: Clean the nail plate to remove natural oils.
Step 2: Fit Essie Sleek Stick in Over the Moon ($10.25, essie.com) nail appliqués to each nail.
Step 3: Affix the appliqué to the nail, starting at the cuticle area and gently smoothing it up to the tip.
Step 4: Pull the applique over the edge of the nail and, using a crystal or 240-grit file, trim the excess product by filing in a downward motion. Gently refine the edges until smooth.

3. Black Beauty

Nail It_03_Bridal

Image via Nail It!

Step 1: Clean the nail plate and fit lace polish-based appliqués, like OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Floral ($12, rickysnyc.com), to the nails. Then, cut the appliqué in half, rounding the edge to match the cuticle edge.
Step 2: Apply the appliqués, starting at the base of the nail.
Step 3: Using white nail polish, like SpaRitual Nail Lacquer in Peace and Harmony ($12, pharmaca.com), paint a French tip.
Step 4: Paint a black line with a striper brush to separate the appliqué and the white tip. Finish with top coat.

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