Break the Addiction: How to Style Your Hair Without Heat

Augusta Falletta
Break the Addiction: How to Style Your Hair Without Heat
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Today, we’re all overly obsessed with at least one of our hot styling tools. Who can resist a perfect blow out or perfectlyplaced curls framing your face? Guilty as charged. The problem with having a love affair with our heating tools is that our hair starts to hate us for frying it over and over again. Yes, beautifully styled hair looks great, but fried, dead hair looks heinous. By giving your hair one or two days off from heat a week, it will start to grow more, show more shine and break less often.

We know what you’re thinking: “My hair never looks good when I don’t use hot styling tools”. Calm down, heat addicts. We put together five ways to style your hair without using anything hotter than room temperature. Be warned – you might wind up loving your non-heat style more than your blow out.

What’s your favorite way to style your hair without heat? Tell us in the comment section below!

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To make your beachy waves at home, spritz this sea salt spray into wet or dry hair. An added bonus? Volume, texture, and moisture.

(Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, $24,

Evenly distribute this curl cream through your wet hair and position the curls into the look you want. Squeeze your hair tight for tighter curls, or brush through with fingers for looser hair.

(Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Cream, $11.60,

For more polished locks, after you've put in curl cream and it's 80% dry, put your hair into a doughnut bun at the top of your head. Sleep with your hair like this and in the morning, you'll have shiny, soft tresses.

(Hair Donut, $2.60,

For a look more severe than the beach wave, try sprunch spray. Right after you wash your hair, evenly distribute the product throughout (don't be afraid to flip your head upside down, too!).

(Aussie Sprunch Spray, $2.99,

Take a tip from how your grandma probably did her hair back in the day and make some good old fashioned pin curls. Towel dry your hair, apply a curl cream, and separate into sections. Wrap a one inch section of your hair around your fingers and up to your scalp. Secure with a pin, and repeat the process until your entire head is curled. Sleep with these pins and in the morning you'll have perfect curls without the heat!

(Double Prong Clips 1 3/4", $4.99,

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