My First Brazilian Wax: Three Men Enter The Unknown

Mr. Anonymous

Last week, the Internet was abuzz with the rising amount of men getting Brazilian waxes — and some even indulging in the “Pejazzling” trend. If you are not familiar with “Vajazzling,” you should know that it’s basically sticking a series of Swarovski crystals in a cute design right on your freshly waxed private area. Naturally, the only thing to do was send some male staff members to get the treatment and report back. And naturally, I agreed to be one of them. I am a StyleCaster editor who is pretty much open to anything (sorry, this isn’t meant to sound like a personal ad), and frankly, I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

I was accompanied on my Pejazzling journey with two male colleagues. We all offer completely different perspectives. For starters, I am gay and the other two are straight. You may think this is irrelevant. It is not. Our lovely aesthetician Jill at the pristine Completely Bare Spa in NYC explained that straight men who get waxed immediately enter with a purpose. For example, “Uh, hi, my girlfriend wants me to get this,” or, “Uh, hi, I’ve never done anything like this before. A buddy said I should.” Gay men tend to be more comfortable with it, but they also tend to get treatments at spas that cater more exclusively to gay men. Regardless, we were all waxing virgins — and we had no idea what we were in for.

In order to receive the Pejazzling treatment, you must be, well, completely bare. Upon arrival, I entered an individual room where I stripped down. The aesthetician explained the process (which took about an hour), and I was terrified. I saw Jill reach for the hot wax, and I had immediate flashbacks to Carrie Bradshaw‘s Brazilian, where the Russian aesthetician teaches her fun Russian words so she can flirt with Aleksandr Petrovsky as Carrie grimaces in pain. But I digress. It’s important that your aesthetician ease you into the process, as Jill did with me. However, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t moments of complete agony. Of course, there were humorous moments as well, like when I was told to redirect my genitalia in certain directions to make it easier. I sort of felt like I was acting in a porno.

Without getting too graphic, I will note that the parts that I thought would hurt the most to be waxed did not. In fact, the most unpleasant experience occurred while getting the leg area waxed and the lower abdomen. Jill explained that due to low body fat in that region, it was particularly sensitive. Also, the coarseness of the hair makes a big difference. Meanwhile, more, er, personal zones were relatively painless. Right before we left, a female colleague informed me that this would be the case — but I didn’t believe her. Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat it here. There were times when I thought I would have to stop the process. Jill insisted that I was doing a good job, and I followed through.

When the wax was finally done, tweezers come into the picture. I almost started crying. I’ve had a fear of tweezers since I was a kid (for some reason). This part sucked. She was touching up any spots that she missed. Once this was completed, the fun began. We got to choose from a series of crystal designs for the Pejazzling portion of the process. My counterparts opted for a clover and a peace sign, but I figured I’d go with the pink Swarovski masterpiece that reads “SEXY.” Look, I had already gone through the whole process. Might as well go all out, right?

After we left Completely Bare, we were all in complete pain, desperate to sit down (and have a cocktail to take the edge off). It hurt to walk and it still feels a tad tender, to be totally honest. But I sort of dig it. Verdict? My fellow males would not get it again. “Absolutely not,” one of them said. “It was painful. No distractions could keep me away from the excruciating pain.” The other dude is still a little weary of speaking. But I think I would (and will) try it again in the future. Definitely not the whole shebang, but I think a little touch up here and there (in less painful areas) is a good way to keep everything in check.

All of that said, I’m glad I did it. Now I genuinely feel more of a respect for my girlfriends who are constantly complaining when it’s their wax week. This is not child’s play. And, most importantly, I have “SEXY” written in rhinestones on my body. What more could you want?

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