People Are Doing Their Makeup Like Bratz Dolls, and It’s Uncanny

People Are Doing Their Makeup Like Bratz Dolls, and It’s Uncanny
Photo: Getty Images

It’s time to dust off those Bratz dolls sitting in your parents’ attic. Twitter is blowing up with re-creations of the wide-eyed, bold-lipped dolls’ dramatic beauty looks, and we’re seriously impressed. In the 2000s, the Bratz had everything going for them (minus the part where their feet came off), so it makes sense why the Internet found so much inspo in their makeup. “Bratz Dolls had a vision. 2017 makeup goals since 2001,” Twitter user wahlalulu summed up. (Now, that’s a vision we can link with.)

The time is now to whip out the heavy lip liner and two-toned watermelon eyeshadow. If you’re looking to replicate the Bratz to a T, you might want to follow the direction of hardcore Bratz fans, who used tons of adhered rhinestones and lashes that went on for miles. However, if you’re going for a more modern take on the ’00s dolls, opt for subdued colors and glossy lips. Take a peek at some of our favorite Bratz makeovers below:

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Now that you’ve seen some of the looks firsthand, the only thing left to do is decide whether you want to re-create Jade and her icy pink lip or Yasmin and her all-purple everything. It’s a tough decision—we know. But good thing there are multiple days in a week, which means multiple days of Bratz-inspired makeup.