Your Weekend Hairstyle: 3 Braids for Wet Hair

Shannon Farrell

When it’s this hot out, air drying your hair isn’t a choice, but a necessity. Whether you’re going straight from the shower to brunch, or the gym to a coffee date, your hair can look controlled and polished while you air dry (without even a trace of frizz). The trick—incorporate a braid. Celebrity stylist Michael Dueñas, and the founder of Hair Room Service, a right-to-your-door salon service, offers three simple styles that work BETTER on wet hair. Happy weekend, indeed!

how to do a fishtail braid

Photo: IMaxTree

Style #1: The Basic Fishtail.

“Wet hair works well with this style since it helps keep the fishtail perfect,” says Dueñas. While normally pieces are prone to slide out of the tail and around the nape of the neck, wet hair has a natural grip so even the finest hair has more hold. “It also allows the hair at the top of the head to dry with a slight texture and natural volume.”

Step 1: “Finger comb hair to the nape of your neck, leaving a loose parting on the top of your head.” Unlike a traditional braid, a fishtail is meant to have some body and natural movement.

Step 2: “Take a small outside piece of hair from the right section and bring it over top to the left section and incorporate it on the inside of the left section.”

Step 3: Repeat with a piece of hair on the left, bringing it to the right section.

Step 4: “Continue this method, working side to side, until you reach the ends of the hair, and secure with an elastic.”

how to do a braided bun

Photo: IMaxTree

Style #2: The Braided Bun.

A bun is a natural go-to when our hair is wet and unruly. But choosing a braided bun (where the hair is first braided and then pinned on top of the head), prevents frizz and is “an easy way to get an elegant, perfect bun, without building up texture,” says Dueñas. While dry hair can be hard to manage, wet hair allows perfect control.

Step 1: Grab your hair at the middle of your crown and secure in a ponytail.

Step 2: Braid ponytail into a traditional 3-section braid.

Step 3: “Pull some looseness into your hair surrounding the elastic and base of the ponytail, to the soften the entire look.”

Step 4: Wrap the braid around the ponytail’s elastic, forming a bun. Set with bobby pins surrounding the entire bun.

how to braid your bangs

Photo: IMaxTree

Style #3: Ponytail with Braided Bangs.

“Working with wet hair when doing a ponytail is a huge help because it’s easy to control.” A braid along the hairline adds style and structure where frizz is most likely to appear on air-dried hair.

Step 1: “Gather all the hair, except for a half moon snapped section on the top of the head.” If you have bangs, they’ll be the hair left out.

Step 2: Bring hair to the nape of you neck and secure with an elastic. Keep the crown and sides of the head smooth, says Dueñas.

Step 3: Instead of a traditional French braid, Dueñas recommends a twisted option. “Split your loose section of hair (or bangs) into two sections close by your part.”

Step 4: Twist the two sections away from one another.

Step 5: “Gather a half inch section, join it to the inside section, and twist around the outside section half a revolution.”

Step 6: Continue to add sections of hair to each side like you would a traditional French, until you have no more loose strands. “Twist both sections opposite ways, and twist together until you reach the ends of the hair and secure with an elastic.” Then join with your ponytail, either wrapping around or tucking inside the elastic.

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