Braids Are Back For Spring – Tips for Taking the Trend From Runway to Real Life

Rachel Adler

We’ve spotted braids in so many of the runway shows from Spring that we’re thanking our lucky stars we bought that friendship bracelet book as a kid and braided string bracelets for three summers straight. We always knew those quick finger skills would come in handy, and not just for the five cents we earned on each bracelet we sold on the driveway’s edge.

And now, since we’ve all fallen for Alexander Wang’s long, loose braid, Bensoni’s side braid, and Oscar de la Renta’s new spin on the crown braid, we’ve come to realize we can put those hard-earned talents to good use. But, working those styles into real life is never easy, and our Facebook Fans overwhelmingly responded that they loved the braids but weren’t sure how to work them into their styles. Here to help a girl out, StyleCaster has compiled some tips for the best way to make a braid work for your hairstyle.

Short Hair:
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Shorter hairstyles are very in right now, and while the cut is oh-so-chic, it makes adding accessories and styling your hair into anything more than straight or wavy a bit more challenging. To get in on the braid trend if you have a short, just above the shoulder cut, take a cue from the models at Bensoni and give yourself a tight top braid down the side of your face. Another option for a weekend look la Ashley Simpson, is a relaxed braid on the side of your head, with the rest of your hair pulled back into a ponytail. If your hair is too short to be pulled back, simply pin the braid behind your ear with bobby pins.

Medium Length Hair:
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If you fall into this category and have hair that is a bit below the shoulders, you have a few options for adding braids to your do. You can always add in a side braid like we mentioned above, and copy Lauren Conrad’s staple style. Part your hair to the side of your head (either side) and begin the braid. Since your hair is longer, just make sure to start the braid at an angle to direct the braid away from your face. You can also mimic the models from Baby Phat, and begin braiding behind the right ear and continue all the way around the front of your hairline. Gently tuck the end of the braid behind your ear, or pin it to keep it in place.

Long Hair:
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For you girls with long locks, we hope you’ll be our Alex Wang representatives. The young NYC designer showed boho meets urban edge braids on the runway. To keep your hair in place all day, spray it lightly with hairspray before you begin the braid. Then, sweep your hair to whichever side you want the braid to fall, and loosely braid it. Remember, this style is supposed to be loose and carefree, so let a few pieces fall around your face and don’t pull the braid in too tightly. For nights out, you can also try a take on Zac Posen’s braided chignon, by tightly pulling your hair back into a ponytail, and then braiding and wrapping the braid around itself. Colored extensions are optional!

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