10 Braided Hairstyles to Recreate Now

Jaclyn Sciara
10 Braided Hairstyles to Recreate Now
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You can never go wrong with a braid when it comes to hair, but sometimes just a down-the-back braid can be a little boring.  To spice things up this season, why not keep the wonderful trend but try out some styles you would have never thought of?  We have gathered a little fall braid inspiration for you to give a go.

From crown braids, to fishtails, to intricate buns, we covered the chicest styles that we want you to try out this fall.  Braids are such a classic and elegant look that should be used more often!  Be sure to comment below and let us know which hairstyle you’re going to try first this season.

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Top 20 Braided Hairstyles

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Create a loose French braid on one side of your head and pull it into a low pony for this adorable look.

Image via saifo.com

The boho look is so easy to recreate. Just take small sections of hair and braid them off, making a head full of random braids. 

Image via stylesaint.com

The milkmaid braid is one of our favorites for fall. It's the perfect accessory for pumpkin picking! 

Image via Iamlikehearted.com

This gorgeous, loose braid (an iconic look from Alex Wang) is perfect to top off a chunky knit sweater and riding boots.

Image via Hairstylenews.info

When you're having a bad hair day, just whip your hair up into a high bun and wrap a small braid around the base for a delicate touch.

Image via blog.hairandmakeupbysteph.com

If you're feeling daring, try a crown braid and throw in a ribbon to spice it up.

Image via givemeideas.tumblr

This unique look takes four fishtail braids and wraps them back and forth across the back of the head. On a particularly windy day, this hairstyle will stay in place! 

Image via @instabraids

We are loving the hippie vibe of pigtails, and they instantly become edgy when they're fishtail braids. 

Image Via fashionatedesires.com

This classic look is simple but looks fairly difficult to achieve. By braiding hair on both sides of your head and bobby pinning securely in the back, a simple version of the look is complete. 

Image via HairRomance

Not for the faint of heart, this mega braided hairstyle takes some time but it's totally worth it. 

Image via blog.lulus.com

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