See Kerry Washington’s Side-Swept Hairstyle Trick

Shannon Farrell
Kerry Washington

Photo: Getty Images

Side-swept hairstyles have taken over Hollywood, and for good reason — they let beauties like Kerry Washington wear their hair down while keeping it off the face. But holding strands to one side isn’t always easy — bobby pins can only do so much. Last night at an Entertainment Weekly party, the Scandal star arrived with a pretty trick up her sleeve: a thin braid along the other side to keep her side-swept style in place.

Kerry Washington side braid

Photo: Getty Images

By braiding down along the hairline and then over, the hair is being pushed to the side. The braid adds more definition to the look and makes fine hair less likely to slip out of a clip. For better control, braid farther across the head and opt for a closed back clip over bobby pins.

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