Brad Pitt’s Latest Chanel Campaign Adds Models Into the Mix

Rachel Adler

We’ve been hit with round two of the Brad Pitt and Chanel extravaganza, and we must say this one is a bit more enticing (well, let us clarify – Pitt’s voice talking to us throughout these ads has always been enticing) but in this second part, we’ve added glamorous models bringing us back to what we’ve come to love Chanel for.

With a sleek black bob and black lips, the first shot is of a Rooney Mara-esque babe and then we quickly move on to a blonde model with beachy waves walking across water (perhaps turning with the world, as Pitt says) – but we have to ask, isn’t there a strange similarity to the Blake Lively commercial for Gucci? Staring out of the window with her back to the camera, overlooking the city in a shimmering, back-baring dress?

While we are very much in support of the cut-away scenes adding a much-needed boost to Pitt’s soothing voice (rather than him just speaking to us from a corner) it’s a bit curious that the two most recent and most newsworthy campaigns are so familiar.

What do you think of Brad Pitt and Chanel, Part Two? Could you listen to his voice narrate your life all day also? But, do you think for $7 million dollars the campaign could be giving us just a bit more? Let us know below!